Published on December 21st, 2012


08 Wizard

How does it look?

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What does it do?

This nifty utility app allows you to dodge the bombardment of a huge bill when you are calling 08 numbers. The app itself does not really have any major graphical effects or functions, but provides almost a full call directory to all of the most commonly called numbers that are likely to land you a big bill. These numbers include all of the most common prefix’s such as 0800, 0844, 0845 which normally cost 20p+ a minute but thanks to Skycom all of your calls are transfered to local numbers which won’t cost you anything from a mobile phone or a BT landline.

What’s the verdict?

Although this application isn’t necessarily fun or exciting, we thought that this would be a great idea and tool for everybody to use on their daily travels. Almost everybody has been in the situation where you need to call your insurance company or service provider fully knowing that the cost of the call may almost total what you are paying for the service itself. 08 Wizard removes this limitation and allows you to call the premium rate numbers free of charge assuming you have minutes to use on your mobile device.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Price: Free


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