Published on January 21st, 2013


10 ways to keep yourself occupied if you are snowed in

1. Gorilla Workout: Athletic fitness training on a budget

Get fit without the expenses or troubles of a gym. Built with all levels of fitness in mind, this application starts right from the basics. If you can’t do 10 pushups, don’t panic – start from the bottom and work your way right up until you are at a ‘Gorilla’ standard of fitness. This will help you lose weight, build muscle and gain energy with little to no costs involved. Gorilla Workout has had multiple features from Apple including the 2011 iPad Health & Fitness app of the year, 2012 ‘New Year, New You’ and the ‘Shape Up’ list by Apple. 40+ body-weight exercises are thrown at you throughout the different levels to vary what you are doing, making exercising less boring. This is sure to make a day stuck indoors that much more interesting.

2. Amazon app

The Amazon app gives you mobile access to the online Amazon store. Users can browse, search, receive product details, read reviews and purchase millions of products directly from the app. Sign in with your existing login to view your shopping basket, payment and shipping details, all account information can be used across both the web and app. The app also enables you to compare prices and check availability by instantly scanning a barcode, taking a picture of the item or using the search feature.  It is a secure way to carry out your Amazon shopping! Being snowed in is the perfect excuse for some retail therapy and even better from the comfort of your own home!


3. Hello Cupcake! app

However old you are, decorating cakes is always fun and most of all – delicious! Hello Cupcake brings you a colourful mix of creative and innovative cake designs which are all unique. Creations vary form elegant butterflies to playful penguins, dipping ducks to scary polar bears. The app is based on a series of books under the name of Hello, Cupcake! which is a bestseller in the New York Times and gives you hundreds of different recipes and creations. With easy to follow how-to videos, you are guided through instructions and photographs which talk you through step by step guidelines on how to create your edible animal. With a day in the house, baking some delicious cupcakes is the perfect way to keep you occupied – as well as your kids!

4. Watch TV free with live TVCatchup

TVCatchup app allows users to watch free live TV straight to your device. With access to over 50 channels, the streaming has been adapted to be compatible with cellular networks as well as WiFi. The app gives you access to what’s on now and next and enables users to watch UK TV on demand and on the go. You can also stream your favourite programmes straight to your Apple TV with Airplay access. With access to a range of channels, all for free, you will never miss out on your favourite programme again! This is more than likely going to keep you entertained for a couple of hours, and catch up on those programmes you may normally miss.

5. Download and play Podcasts iOS6 iPad



6. Game Center on the iPhone



7. Music Hunter

Music Hunter will help you find new or undiscovered songs and artists by using to sliders one to choose genre (any is an option too) and one to choose temp/vibe. Once you have decided it will load up music based on your selection and start playing through! You can also browse then generated results via album art on Music Hunter’s very easy to use interface. Purchase any music treasure you have found and want to add to your collection through iTunes or 7digital and  share your findings through Facebook or Twitter.

 8. Flipboard

Flipboard is a social app, combining a variety of the main social networking platform. The app creates a personalised magazine out of all these platforms and everything that has been shared with you, for example tweets from your timeline, videos from Youtube, photos on Instagram. You are able to fill Flipboard with blogs you love, things you like to read or anything that takes your fancy! In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you can flip through your newsfeeds and timelines from YouTube, Instagram, Google Reader, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Flickr, 500px, Sina Weibo and Renren on Flipboard.

9. Download a course on iTunes U


10. Download books onto your Kindle app iPad
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