Published on October 23rd, 2012


10000+ Bread Recipes

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Bread Recipes galore, this app teaches you to bake literally thousands of different types of bread from sweet tasting fruit breads to paprika oozing loafs. Bread recipes are commonly used in every home across the world to create the perfect components for your every day sandwiches. Bread Recipes allows you to expand your cookbook capabilities and create new snacks for the whole family. It covers all different types of bread such as chapatti, naan etc. and includes all of your favourites right down to the standard square loaf. Found a recipe you love? Save it in your bookmarks so you can go back and bake that type of bread all over again. This gives you all of the recipes that you will ever need to create (almost) every bread and cake in the world. Don’t limit your cooking skills to basic recipes, try new and exciting foods today.

What’s the verdict?

10,000 recipes in one app? You may be asking yourself how true this really is. The answer is there are loads and loads of different recipes for bread and cakes. There are no constraints when cooking these recipes, they are simple, easy to follow and best of all – you will never run out of recipes! The ability to bookmark your recipes is helpful if you want to rinse and repeat a certain recipe and even better if you want to try a different recipe at a later date. With all of these amazing recipes, why limit yourself to a boring pitta bread?

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: £1.49


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