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Published on May 23rd, 2012


5 ways to make the most of your Apple product! (iPhone and iPad)

1. Set up your device correctly!
Izzyj can help you with this step easily; use our wide range of tutorial videos and forum to ensure that your device is set up properly from the start. This will decrease the risk of experiencing problems later on. Setting up your device is simple izzyj can show you how!

2. Learn the full functions and capabilities of your device!
How can your device benefit your lifestyle? How will you use it day to day? Apple devices are extremely flexible hosting as wider range of functions as you wish to use. Once you have worked out exactly what you wish to use your device for, it will be easily to implement this. Your life can be made easier by buying components to adjust your device according to your lifestyle. For example, there are a variety of accessories and software to accustom your device to your day-to-day life.

3. Use every aspect of your device!
Your device will come with certain applications and functions already installed. When you first set up your device make sure you take a look at all these applications as well as browsing the App store thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to play with your device, download new applications, learn how to delete any apps that you do not use.

4. Set up a passcode lock!
Using your device securely is essential, especially as it may contain confidential data. It is important to protect your device should it be lost or stolen.

5. Mobile device management (MDM)
Mobile device management is fundamental especially for business use. All devices can be managed from one single portal, allowing administrators control over each individual device. All devices can be wiped instantly if lost or stolen and access limits can be set on individual devices. MDM also allows you to embrace the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon, which allows personal devices to be used for business and work securely.

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