Published on May 20th, 2014


5 reasons to backup your data to the cloud

Lost Files Can’t Always Be Recovered.

Although there is a possibility that a good computer repair specialist can recover lost files but there are times when deleted data just cannot be recovered. Many data recovery firms offer a No Data, No Fee service which suggests that on occasion some data is lost for good. Files that have been regularly backed up to the cloud can be recovered quickly and easily.

Your Laptop or PC Might Get Lost or Stolen.

If you use a laptop the chances of theft, loss or accidental damage are increased. It is very likely that if you device is stolen and the contents has not been backed up, that this data will not be recovered unless the device is located. If all data is backed up to the cloud, it can be recovered within a few clicks.

A Second Hard Disk Drive is still a Hard Disk Drive.

You may already be backing up everything to a hard disk drive on your computer which is definitely better than not backing up at all. However,  your backup solution is just as susceptible to failure as your primary storage. Hard disk drives have an average lifespan of 6 years which is not a very long-term solution for your data. It also won’t help you much if your computer is stolen or damaged by flood or fire.


Although this is an unlikely occurrence, and should you find yourself the victim of a fire or flood your data will probably be the least of your worries. However, it is a well documented fact that businesses which can get up and running quickly after such disasters are more likely to succeed. Families who have suffered a house fire will often say that it is the personal effects that have been the hardest losses, with family photos being very high on the list.  When everything is backed up to the Cloud nothing is lost, you simply restore it to a new machine.

Mistakes occur

We all make mistakes, from spilling coffee on the laptop, failing to update virus protection, taking your eye off the children or just by pressing DELETE at the wrong time. Once again, computer repair specialists may be able to recover your files but it is certainly a lot easier, cheaper and quicker to be able to do it yourself.

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