Published on April 9th, 2014


5 reasons why your business should go paperless

As paper forms in the field go by the wayside, we present to you the top five reasons why your business should switch to mobile forms.

No more paper.

1. Speed – With features like skip logic and with real-time capabilities, collecting and transferring data with mobile devices can significantly speed up business processes. No more searching for a pen that works or going back to the car to search for a new paper form. Plus, if you have to take a picture to document a job site situation, the picture can be snapped with the mobile device and incorporated right into the mobile form. This better streamlines efforts and saves in processing time as well.

2. Cost Savings – By switching to mobile forms, businesses can save on costs associated with printing out forms, transporting forms to and from the office (including fuel costs), and transcribing forms into digital format. The reduction in labor hours paid to administrators entering data or employees taking needless trips back to the office can greatly add up at the end of each month.

3. Accuracy – Errors in paper form data entry can occur as a result of misinterpreted/illegible handwriting or forgotten form fields. With ProntoForms, all fields are precisely and clearly filled in. No more dealing with crossed out text, damaged paper or other negative paper form variables.

4. Collaboration – Paper form filing and processing can cause delays in a workflow. The ProntoForms mobile solution facilitates team sharing, accessing and collaborating. Forms can be filled out in the field and connected to popular cloud services (ex., SharePoint, Dropbox, etc), where they can be accessed by other team members. Imagine collecting key field data and then being able to upload it instantly to a cloud service, where a colleague can access the data, tweak the results and then report on it to management. The collaboration possibilities are aplenty.

5. Going Green – For businesses with high volumes of files generated in the field, a considerable amount of paper is required – unless the move to ProntoForms is made. Companies can make the environmentally-friendly choice and reduce paper and ink consumption by switching to mobile forms. Gone are the days of multiple file cabinets of paper documents at the expense of countless trees. We now live in an era where servers, networks and various management folders should house business data.

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