Published on February 13th, 2013


5 ways to impress your date this Valentines Day!

1. Cook a slap up meal

Sweet’N’Spicy Indian Recipes

Powered by, this app has the largest collection of Indian foods and recipes in the marketplace. It has a total of 5000+ recipes and over 1000 video recipes spread across three distinct categories – vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan. The recipes come with a calorie calculation engine which also allows you to see exactly how many calories are in the meal that you are about to eat. The foods are split up into categories and sub-categories with a function which allows you to search for specific recipes and ingredients. Each recipe comes with an ingredients list which lets you prepare for cooking in advance with an easy to read format. Ratings and reviews are even given to allow you to decide what food is going to be best for you. You are sure to impress your date with an Indian feast.

 2. Take your date on a spontaneous trip

This app is a quick, easy and secure way for finding the perfect hotels and booking then directly in the app, at some of the best prices available online! It has more than 245,000 hotels and places to stay in locations around the world. is fast and easy to use giving you all the information you need at your fingertips. There are over 17 millions guest reviews making choosing the best hotel even easier! You can even do a hotel search based on your current location or alternatively view your hotel search results on a map so making sure your going to be staying in the perfect location is made simple. All your booking information is stored in the app so no paperwork needed! Perfect for a romantic getaway!

3. Tone up and look great for your date!

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a combination of simple exercises that can be performed at home without paying expensive gym fees. With clever set workouts with timers and written tips, each routine is laid out with a simple yet effective interface. Big, bold controls are given to you so you can pause, rewind and fast forward an exercise for quick-succession routines. There is a tab for music which lets you listen to all of your own songs during the exercises, allowing you to focus and train harder than ever. Create your own workouts using your multimedia library with instant audio for limitless training programs. You can also schedule workouts and get instant reminders to your iDevice for daily and weekly reminders. Purchase additional exercise routines from online created by professional fitness instructors for even more intense workouts. This application is sure to transform you in time for Valentines Day and beyond!

4. Play some romantic songs to get you in the mood


Vevo is a music app which is closely integrated with the well known Youtube app. The difference is, Vevo gives you the most exclusive music videos and tour details around. From local concerts to full tours, Vevo has it all. You are also able to purchase tickets for tours directly from the site to save you from fishing around on the internet. Find your favourite artists using the search function and find out all of their personal details, as well as website links and Facebook pages all under one page. The app also lets you download music directly from iTunes onto your iDevice. There is also a function which lets you form playlists from your favourite music which you can share to social networking sites. Add your friends and track what they are listening too using the clever built in feature and find song matches using the integrated iTunes scan. If you’re feeling brave you could even serenade your date with your beautiful singing voice!

5. Buy an amazing present at an even better price!


Groupon app gives users acces to the best deals and offers on things to do, see, eat and buy in hundreds of cities around the world. Each morning users will receive daily deals delivered straight to their phone for the best deals of the day with discounts of 50%-90%. With the Groupon app you can buy and redeem deals directly from your device and keep track of all your purchased deals by location and expiration date. Share your favourite offers with friends and family via Twitter. This is sure to get you in the good books with your date as well as your bank account!

Photo by: laradanielle/flickr

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