Published on October 5th, 2012


50 Years of Bond & The Best iOS Gadgets & Apps!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, whether you’re a guy who’s always wanted to be a spy or just a girl who just fancies the pants off of Daniel Craig, Piers Brosnan etc, everybody at some point has loved Bond and many always have.

As we hit to 50 year marker, excitement has risen for the new release of Skyfall, but as well as that interest in spy gadgets has of course become sky high, everybody wanting to play the role of a secret agent. Well we are going to give you a head start with our list of the best spy gadget apps available on the AppStore, cue the bond theme…

1. Bubblepix

With this amazing iPhone gadget you are able to take full 360 degree photos and videos! Using the app along with the iPhone accessory you can easily take a picture or video of your unsuspecting victims, whether they are to your side of behind you. We interviewed Pete from Bubblescape at Apps World who gave us a great inside in to this brilliant concept.



2. Lifeproof Case

lifeproof case

Ever wanted to record video or take pictures under water? Well you can now! Turn your iPhone in to the ultimate spy gadget with this excellent case, make your iPhone waterproof, dirt proof, shock proof and even snow proof! Now your suspects have no where to hide!

3. Spy Gizmos

spy gizmos iphone app

Spy Gizmos is an app that enables you to cipher messages and send the coded messages to you friends. With this app, your friends are then able to decipher the encrypted message. Within the app there are 3 methods of ciphering to choose from, but as well as that you can also send your message in morse code, the app then transmit the sound as well as flash the screen from black to white.Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
Price: FREE!

4. Your Secret Folder


Hide all your secret files from prying eyes with this great security style app. Set a secret passcode in the form of a finger swipe pattern to lock people out of your secret folder. If somebody attempts to get in, a photo will be taken via the front camera as well as well as being logged in the app.

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
Price: FREE!

5. Security Cam


Turn your iPhone in to a security camera with Security Cam. The video recording can be triggered by both motion and sound, so just leave your iPhone on your desk and wait for your unsuspecting victim to walk past and let the spying begin!

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
Price: £6.99

6. Live Cams Pro


View and control thousands of cameras from all around the world. As well as all the public cameras, you can also monitor your own IP cameras for surveillance, keeping an eye on any pesky intruder!

Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
Price: £1.49

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