Published on October 9th, 2012


6 Pack Promise

How does it look?

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What does it do?

6 Pack Promise is an app designed to help you achieve the ultimate 6 pack! With the help of fitness guru Jeff Cavaliere, the app holds dozens of different abdominal exercises demonstrated by Jeff in a series of videos. The exercises are incorporated into workout routines to avoid boredom and repetition Рit is important to mix things up otherwise the body becomes accustomed to set routines. The app also offers dietary tips or even a complete daily menu for you if you wish the reap the maximum benefit. Soon enough you could have the perfect 6 pack with 6 Pack Promise!

What’s the verdict?

6 Pack Promise is a great fitness app for anyone looking to tone up their abdominals and improve core strength. Guided by a professional, the videos are useful, straightforward and clear which makes working out even easier. With a wide range of exercises and routines the app makes sure you are fully stimulated and pushed to the max in order to achieve your dream 6 pack. You can set which level you would like to work at from Basix to X-treme level and also select how long your workouts are, which music they are to and which order you complete them in. All in all a great app and sure to get you that perfect tummy!

Available on: iPad/iPhone

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