Published on June 11th, 2012


Account Tracker

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What Can it Do?

Account Tracker is the ultimate budgeting application, which allows you to manage your personal and corporate finance. Features include bill reminders, account alerts, creating budgets and composing full account reports. This app is great for those who hold a number of bank accounts and need to stay on top of their finances. Perfect for businesses, especially if you do not wish to solely rely on an accounts team, it allows you to track account activity one transaction at a time. Allowing you to distinguish between personal and business accounts, this app is well suited to the busy businessman on the move. As well as viewing previous and current transactions, Account Tracker also allows you to look to forwards showing all your future monetary commitments up to 2 years in advance. Again, targeting the business market, this application can alert you when specific accounts are close to becoming overdrawn as well as setting spending income and transfer budgets.

What’s the Verdict?

Account Tracker is one of the few apps that has¬†received 5 star reviews from every single customer on the iTunes app store. It is a great application that is adaptable for both business and personal use. Allowing you to stay on top of your finances as well as catering for busy and on the go lifestyles, Account Tracker allows you to survey your financial situation at a glance. It’s PIN secured, which is essential for any application holding confidential information. This application is easy to use, simple and is the perfect way to organise your finances.

Available on: iOS

Price: £1.99



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