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Published on May 29th, 2012


Adding an event to your calendar (iPad)

1. Select the calendar icon on the home screen.
2. At the top of the Calendar screen it gives you the options of viewing your calendar by day, week, and year or to view a list of the events currently in your diary. Press the view option you would like.
3. To scroll through the days/months/years to select that date you are looking for, flick your finger from right to left across the screen.
4. Select the day your event is on by double clicking the day itself.
5. To create a new event, press the + sign in the bottom right hand corner.
6. A new window will open where you can enter the title, location and times to the event as a reminder. You can also invite people from your address book to the same event via email. There is also an option to set an alarm for this event in advance.
7. Once this form is completed, press Done and this event will appear in purple on your calendar.

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