Published on October 9th, 2012


AG Wine Guide for iPad

How does it look?

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What does it do?

If you have ever looked down the wine list in a restaurant and not known where to begin? AG Wine Guide for iPad is perfect to help you learn more about wine with crafted profiles on the world’s wine-growing regions, appellations, grape varieties and vintages. The app will help you to make an informed decision when choosing wine in a restaurant or bar, making sure you make the right choice every time. There is no interent connection need for this app as it has an offline capability making all information accessible and quick!

What’s the verdict?

This is the number one app for wine enthusiasts! Sometimes choosing your wine can seem intimidating if you aren’t clued up on different varieties of wine, but with AG Wine Guide you can navigate through the wine list like a professional – impressing your friends and family along the way! If you have a sense of what you are looking for in a wine and are in need of guidance to find the perfect one, this application can guide you to make the right choice!

Available on: iPhone/iPad

Price: £1.79

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