Published on August 15th, 2012


Agent Dash Game Review

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The endless runner genre is re-invented with Agent Dash, a new and exciting iOS game from Full Fat Games.

Get ready for some real fist shaking frustration as you battle through this fast paced endless runner game. The idea is simple, get as far as you can without hitting any obstacles, sounds simple huh? Wrong! Obstacles come in all forms, from toxic barrels to the classic slow closing concrete doors. Slide, jump and dodge your way through the game as well as collect precious gems. Just when you think you have memorised the level and are ready to beat it once and for all, the level changes completely. This game is very clever in an how it constantly changes the level, making the game that much more challenging.

Controlling the character is very simple, swipe sideways to move, swipe up to jump and down to slide. The animation involved in the movements is very smooth adding to the brilliant style of the game.

As well as the ever changing levels, you can also unlock new items with the gems you collect, making the game even more enjoyable with things such as jet packs, super magnets and various bonuses. To take it to the next level, why not compete against your Facebook friends? The integrated Facebook friends feature makes it great fun, no more are you trying to beat your own high score, but to beat your friend’s too!

The design of the user interface and the illustration style of the game fits the comic book hero genre very well. Lots of vibrant colours and cool buttons as you navigate through the menu leading to the brilliant 3D cartoon style of the gameplay.

As much as you shout at the screen when you smash in to a wall or get vaporised by lasers, you can’t help but give it another go, this game is quite simply brilliant.

Available on: iPhone/iPad
Price: FREE!!


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