Published on April 9th, 2013


April showers bring May flowers

“April showers bring May flowers” is a common expression in Britain and one that we hope will come true after a wet, windy and cold start to April this year. Here at izzyj, we have some great ways of taking your mind off the weather to keep you occupied through the April showers. Take a look at these great apps, games and videos and before you know it the May flowers will have bloomed!


Based from the world leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and films, Netflix had created a new application to allow you to do this on your mobile devices. This can be used for free when signed up to the Netflix service which is also available for PC . For those that are not already members, sign up for your free one month trial and access the archive immediately. This contains mostly all of the new TV episodes and series allowing you to catch up and keep up to date with all of your favourites. Netflix also has many classic, older movies for you to enjoy which brings back memories. All of these can be found using a search function, as well as the categories within the app.



Luxurious recipes at your fingertips for any and every occasion! Epicurious is a large database containing thousands of recipes and ingredients which are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Recipes can be searched by category or by typing in a phrase or keyword to find savory or sweet dishes and treats. With these recipes you can favorite and share them with friends and family to compile your own styles and find others tastes. A shopping list feature is also allows you to store the ingredients that you use for your recipes so you can purchase the exact amount needed with your next food shop. 



So you take a picture and want to add special effects and artistic looks – not a problem. Repix is a graphical ‘remix’ application which allows you to customise an image by using many different tools and presets included for free. Simply select an image from your device or a cloud source such as Facebook or Photo Stream and then edit to your hearts content. Simple effects such as brightness and saturation can also be applied to give more depth and tone to the image. This on top of the other amazing effects gives a really artistic feel to the image. Some effects that are included for free are cartoonize, charcoal, edger and dotter. Combined together these give a very abstract ‘grunge’ feel to the image.


Real Racing 2 HD 

So your looking for a realistic racing game for iOS, well this is as real as it gets; this game has got to be the best driving game for iOS! With over 10 hours of career mode (based on only taking one attempt at a race) and a fantastic multiplayer mode, this game stands out from the crowd of driving games! With Real Racing 2 HD your iPad becomes the steering wheel making full use of the built in gyroscope and giving a very immersive gaming experience. Coupled with the amazing graphics and sound effects this game just can’t be beaten to pole position in the iOS racing chart! 


Team viewer


Now its time to embrace those April showers and make the most of your time indoors!

Photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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