Published on January 7th, 2013


Attack your January Blues head-on!

Christmas is over and the new year has begun, but have the January blues set in for you? January is a stressful time as people try to stick to their new years resolutions; join the gym, quit smoking, start a new diet or even look for a new job but here at izzyj, we can help you relax and look forward to the year ahead. 2013 can be your year and the best way to combat your January blues is to plan for the year ahead with some amazing holidays, trips and outings to enjoy and here are some great apps to help you do so.


This app is a quick, easy and secure way for finding the perfect hotels and booking then directly in the app, at some of the best prices available online! It has more than 245,000 hotels and places to stay in locations around the world. is fast and easy to use giving you all the information you need at your fingertips. There are over 17 millions guest reviews making choosing the best hotel even easier! You can even do a hotel search based on your current location or alternatively view your hotel search results on a map so making sure your going to be staying in the perfect location is made simple. All your booking information is stored in the app so no paperwork needed!

2. Flightboard

Turn your iPhone or iPad into the Arrivals and Departures board for 16,000 airport in the world. Flightboard lets you view the info boards as though your standing in the airport looking at them live. It automatically updates every 5 minutes so any change of flight details and brought straight to your iOS device! Flightboard will allow you to find your perfect location and is ideal for a spontaneous trip.

3. Road Trip Lite

Road Trip Lite is an application which allows users to easily track their car’s mileage, fuel economy and maintenance expenses with no limit to the data you can store. The app is easy to use with keypad entry for fuel, price and odometer input as well as fuel price and mileage graphs and statistics. All the information you need to store your road trip data can be found at a single touch, including partial fill-ups as well as offering full international support. Road Trip allows data import and export for trip expenses and statistics. The app offers on-line currency conversion as well as foreign currency support, tire installation logs can be stored on the app and maintenance reminders can be set.

4. Snapseed

With this app you will be able to ‘wow’ your friends with your new found photo editing skills! Snapseed is an very powerful picture editor for iOS. From cropping to tilt-shift effects this app almost does it all! It brings pro level photo editing power to your hands. It supports pictures for all iOS devices and when used with the camera connection kit on the iPad it also supports JPEG, TIFF and even RAW files from your SLR! A great app to ensure you capture every moment of your holiday or trip to remember forever.

5. Things to do: London

If you don’t fancy jetting off abroad, Things to do: London is a great app for a day trip to remember! With a range of ratings and reviews, you can find out the best places to go and things to do in London. The app allows you to review places yourself as you go or read others reviews to see what they have to say before you go. You can use this app to scan your iTunes library to find out which artists are performing gigs in London soon. Geo-location lets you pinpoint where you are and recommends things to do in the surrounding area on the map, including previews of each. You can search things to do by type of activity, area or simply browse the suggestions. Event listings and previews are updated daily providing you with the latest information for your trip.

Hopefully this blog has helped you forgot the January blues and focus on the year ahead with many exciting trips and holidays! Forget the stresses of everyday life and start planning today – its something to look forward to, and January is just the beginning!

Photo by: danielmoyle/Flickr

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