Published on October 15th, 2012


Battle of the Browsers

All of the different browsers available on Apple devices boast different features and functions, but what really is the best mobile browser? We are putting 6 different free browsers to the test to find out what one loads the internet best. Along the way, we will also be identifying different design features and new functions which are displayed in these applications.


Safari, as well all know is the native iOS browser. The menu’s are represented by pictures which are clear and concise and the tabs are clearly shown below the address bar, with a button to add new tabs into the app. Connection speed for Safari is average and loads the izzyj site fully without any image shuffling or resizing. The main function that shines here is the Cloud Tabs, allowing you to retrieve and share open sites between your apple devices.


Google’s Chrome originated on computer platforms, however it has recently been ported to Apple devices. With a similar layout to its computer counterpart, Google Chrome has tabs along the top of the client. The address bar contains buttons for bookmarking and the splash page hosts a tile layout where you can save your favourite sites. Chrome also hosts private browsing, as well as the ability to switch to the desktop view of the loaded web page. The browser connects quickly to our site however compresses the site to make the images smaller.


Opera is normally the choice of Linux users, but not any more! Opera browser has forced its way into the app store with an impressive interface and fast loading speeds. The layout is very company, with the address bar and menu buttons all along the top. Opera also uses the tile layout and also has the ability to check data usage which is useful for any data conscious user.


One of the more unheard of browsers, Maxthon is a strong contender. This app is also a direct copy form its computer version and allows cross compatibility. The menu on Maxthon is similar to Chrome, although has a recently viewed pages tab. Maxthon allows you to connect your account form your computer to your iDecice and monitor how long you have been using the browser. The main difference that separates this browser form others is the swipe gestures which lets you open, close and switch tabs by drawing on screen. This app connects very quickly to our site and does not compress the images, however this does limit viewing space as the menu bar is larger.


A new contender, Puffin is a web browser with a difference boasting its flash capability, Puffin could indeed be the browser of the future. The address bar is exactly the same as Safari although tabs are displayed just above. Using a tile system, the tabs mimic the style and design of the new Windows 8. Users can also change the background image which makes it very user friendly. The browser loads our website very fast, but at the same time removes colouring from a lot of the buttons.


One of the wild cards, Mercury has turned out to be very different to the other browsers. With the same layout as the computers version of Mozilla Firefox, Mercury is very graphically appealing. Unlike the other browsers, you have the ability to customise the interface, allowing toolbar and even theme changes. This browser allows change in brightness and font size, making this user friendly for people with sight problems. The connection speed is moderate and the page does not fully display the images.


There are so many different features and functions that are being added to these apps daily that make it impossible to say what browser is best. The features and design are key in user interaction, however these are the main cause for a decrease in display ability and performance. The main features that were highlighted to us are the swipe gestures on Maxthon, Flash capability on Puffin and the themes on Mercury. These make the users experience different and enjoyable whereas the like of Chrome and Opera show a tiny increase in speed. Lets not forget Safari of course which shows consistency and reliability throughout. So now you’ve heard what all the browsers have to offer….the choice is yours!

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