Published on September 26th, 2013


Block certain numbers from contacting you with iOS 7

Its surprising that this feature has only just been introduced by Apple but with the new iOS update, you can now block a people from contacting you. You can block numbers and email addresses from calling, messaging or using Facetime and it’s really simple to do!

1. Go to your phone log and fine the contact you wish to block.

2. Select the ‘i’ icon next to the contact name/number.

3. Scroll down to find ‘block this caller’, then you will be asked to confirm > ‘block contact’.

4. If the number is saved in your contacts you can also do this by selecting the contact you wish to block and then following the steps above.

When the blocked called rings you, it will simply take them to answerphone but any message they leave will not be delivered to you. Any messages they send, will not reach you and all Facetime attempts will fail. There will be no traces of their attempts to contact you as you won’t even get a missed call – it’s like they never called at all.

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