Published on September 28th, 2012


Brand new iOS 6 tutorials live on izzyj!

With the launch of iOS 6 last week and the brand new iPhone 5 release, izzyj has embraced the new software and produced exclusive tutorials for all the new features and updates. This should help guide you through all the changes so that you are fully clued up on how they all work. Our iOS 6 blog post  will talk you through all the latest features, changes and functionalities of the new software Рyou will love them!

Here are the 6 new videos featuring the new iOS 6 software – izzyj is here to help you get to grips with the new software changes!

iCloud tabs on Safari on iPhone iOS6

VIP on the mail app on iPhone iOS6

Share photos through photo stream on the iPhone with iOS6

View maps in 3D on the maps app on the iPad with iOS6

Flag mail on the iPhone with iOS6

Tweet and update facebook status from the notification center on iPhone iOS6


Its simple once you know how! Now you know how all the new features work you can enjoy the iOS 6 software update with no worries at all!



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