Published on January 24th, 2013


Capture the moment with izzyj!

If you are a budding photographer or simply just enjoy taking the odd snap here and there, this blog could be perfect for you. We have found some handy apps and tutorials to help enhance your photography skills and capture the moments you wish to remember forever.

1. iPhoto

Anybody that currently owns an Apple computer will know exactly what iPhoto already is. This simple image manipulation tool is provided and designed by Apple themselves, and can be used to browse and organise photos. Create albums and share images using the integrated Photo Stream function unique to all Apple devices. Apple also allows you to edit your photos using a variety of tools similar to its Mac counterpart. These tools include saturation, brightness, colour tweaks and sharpen fixtures. Have your images got red eye or blur? Use the Red Eye and Repair tools to straighten out any errors that crop up along the way. Choose between multiple pre-defined effects which give colour adjustments such as vintage effects, warm and cool, ink effects and black and white to the images within an album. Never forget any of your memories with the Journal feature which allows you to put pictures into a collage and title them for safe keeping.

2. How to take a picture using your iPhone

3. Snapseed

With this app you will be able to ‘wow’ your friends with your new found photo editing skills! Snapseed is an very powerful picture editor for iOS. From cropping to tilt-shift effects this app almost does it all! It brings pro level photo editing power to your hands. It supports pictures for all iOS devices and when used with the camera connection kit on the iPad it also supports JPEG, TIFF and even RAW files from your SLR!

4. Share photos through photo stream on the iPhone with iOS6

5. Turn your iPad into a digital photo frame 


Capture those moments and make them last forever with these simple apps and tutorials. You never know where it could lead…..

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