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Published on June 25th, 2012



** Ranked no.1 paid sports app in 27 nations.
** What’s hot featured in 17 nations.
** 50% discount for limited period.

“We support various sports.”
“You can record your tactics to video and share with others.”

Try out the free lite version before you buy.

If you are a coach or player who want explain your tactics to other people.
CoachNote will be best choice for you.
Do not compare Coach Note to others.

Coach Note is more than “Just Tacticboard or Clipboard” in real world.
Very fast and simple, and most powerful tool.

You can make video of your tactics to share with people.

Explain your tactics through TV or Internet.

Coming soon features(In a few days)
* Share your notes with other coaches and friends.
* You can download world wide famous coach’s note and Know-How.



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