Published on January 15th, 2014


How to control your iPad Keyboard

Do you ever find that your iPad keyboard is stuck in the middle of the screen instead of the bottom? The iPad has 2 different keyboard settings; docked and undocked. Docked mode means that the keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen and undocked shifts it up to the middle as you are experiencing. If you would like to change your keyboard from undocked to docked, hold down the keyboard button, the same one you normally tap to turn off the keyboard. You will be given 2 options, to Dock and to Split, select Dock and your keyboard should sink to the bottom of your screen. To go from docked to undocked, follow the same instructions but select ‘Undock’.

The Split option separates the keyboard into two halves, a handy option for anyone who wants to type with both sets of fingers although the keys do become smaller. Another way to split the keyboard is placing your fingers in the middle of the keyboard and moving them apart; you can merge it by pinching the two halves back together.

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