Published on August 21st, 2012


CRC Pro-Cycling

How does it look?

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What does it do?

If you are a big fan of cycling, check out the CRC Pro-Cycling app! Giving you a fast-paced cycling experience, the app allows you to compete for new bikes and gear helping you take to the roads! Beat the competition to unlock new bikes, keep hydrated, challenge your friends to race or computer controlled competitors and see how your time stacks up against the world on Game Center. You can customise your cyclist with kit and jerseys as well as improve the fitness of your cyclist. Shaving legs prior to playing is optional!


What’s the verdict?

This app is a great action app, allowing you to control all aspects of your cyclist’s performance from fitness to appearance. If you are a cycling fanatic this app if definitely for you, allowing you to race either the computer or your friends, the app will keep you occupied for hours. The races are fast paced and exciting, with different incentives throughout the game to complete.

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: £1.99



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