Published on November 11th, 2013


Dispatch images to mobile forms using ProntoForms

Users of mobile forms from ProntoForms regularly take advantage of the dispatch functionality, the ability to send forms to users on the go. However recently, ProntoForms also added another capability to its ever-growing list of features and functionalities.

Images can now be dispatched between form questions of the following control types: camera, sketch pad, or signature. This can be useful for images that are specific to a particular job, like a site-specific floor plan, a chart for the mobile user  to reference, or a sketch produced in ProntoForms from an earlier site visit or job estimate.  A photo collected from a camera control can be dispatched to a Sketch Pad control, and vice-versa.

As with all control types, checking “Automatically dispatch to questions with matching label” will take data from the dispatching form and automatically route it to fields in the Target Form with corresponding labels.

To manually configure dispatching from the dispatching form to the target form, visit this dispatch article. To learn about the types of images that can be dispatched,  check out this article‘s attachment format section.

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