Published on September 1st, 2012



What does it do?

Dropbox is an application which allows users to store photos, documents and videos. It enables users to save documents across all there devices, as long as all are installed with the Dropbox application. Therefore you can access all your important documents, photos and videos from whichever device you are using and are not restricted by use. Great business app for businessmen on the go! You can add files to ‘Favorites’ which allows you to access certain files quickly and offline which is great if you don’t have wireless connection available. Dropbox allows users to share photos and documents with family friends and keep your other files private as you only share the folders you wish them to see.

What’s the verdict?

Dropbox is perfect for businesses who need secure access to files across several devices. It allows access to files and documents on the move which means it is adaptable to the busy business lifestyle many adopt. Another great feature is that you can save email attachments straight into Dropbox, sharing them immediately with your other devices or those who share the folders you save the document to. This app is a must-have for businesses and it’s free which is an added bonus!

Available on: iPad/iPhone

Price: Free

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