Published on May 10th, 2013


Eat what you want day – what a great excuse!

Tomorrow is officially ‘Eat what you want’ day – as if you need an excuse to do so! We have found some great cookery apps to help you whip up a storm in the kitchen and cook whatever it is you fancy. Eat what you want day is a day where you do not need to feel guilty about eating the wrong things as you have a free pass to eat anything at all so take advantage!

Good Food Magazine

This app comes from the BBC Good Food magazine to help you plan your meals for the mont. Cook with the season’s best products using homegrown ingredients if you wish, plus how to hit your 5-a-day with a week of healthy dinners and a wise range of simple, everyday meals. The app offers features such as digital cook cards – recipes presented in a easy to read fashion with a large font. Personalised shopping lists to help you plan your meals, glossary of ingredients and techniques, search facility and exclusive videos are just a handful of features on the Good Food Magazine app!


Gojee is a cooking app with a difference. Rather than taking recipes from the famous chefs out there or renowned recipes, the recipes are take from some of the world’s best bloggers. It means that you are receiving recipes from real people which has the advantage of realistic recipes – using things you have in the cupboard, with realistic cooking times – to fit in with your lifestyle. It caters for all types of food lovers – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and non-alcoholics. It provides inspiration for boring meal times and you will receive quality recipes from some of the best foodies in the world.

Hello Cupcake! 

However old you are, decorating cakes is always fun and most of all – delicious! Hello Cupcake brings you a colourful mix of creative and innovative cake designs which are all unique. Creations vary form elegant butterflies to playful penguins, dipping ducks to scary polar bears. The app is based on a series of books under the name of Hello, Cupcake! which is a bestseller in the New York Times and gives you hundreds of different recipes and creations. With easy to follow how-to videos, you are guided through instructions and photographs which talk you through step by step guidelines on how to create your edible animal. You are also presented with a simply and delicious standard cupcake recipe, making your creations and ideas one step closer to being cooked up.

Hairy Biker Mississippi

ased on the UK TV hit, Hairy Bikers Mississippi Adventure brings you all of the recipes that are shown on the show as they travel through the deep south. The app contains recipes ranging from the classic barbeque ribs and pulled pork, to the most mouthwatering mississippi mud pie. With great quality images of all the dishes as well as extra cooking tips, the app even has the feature to send the ingredients list to your email in a similar format to a shopping list. The hairy bikers also let you follow them using an interactive map which lets you view their adventure at every stop. It also lets you download the music from the series.

Sweet’N’Spicy Indian Recipes

Powered by, this app has the largest collection of Indian foods and recipes in the marketplace. It has a total of 5000+ recipes and over 1000 video recipes spread across three distinct categories – vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan. The recipes come with a calorie calculation engine which also allows you to see exactly how many calories are in the meal that you are about to eat. The foods are split up into categories and sub-categories with a function which allows you to search for specific recipes and ingredients. Each recipe comes with an ingredients list which lets you prepare for cooking in advance with an easy to read format. Ratings and reviews are even given to allow you to decide what food is going to be best for you.

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