Published on November 5th, 2012


Edexcel Past Paper

How does it look?

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What does it do?

So you are coming up to your GCSE examinations, you’ve read the textbook multiple times, you think you know all of the answers. Prepare yourself further with hundreds of different past exam papers straight from the examination body themselves. Ranging across all different levels of exams such as GCSE’s, A Level, Diploma’s and much more – almost every level is covered including the core subjects like English, Maths and Science to the more advanced subjects such as Japanese, ICT, Engineering and Music. Save the papers of the subjects you are studying to your own space for easy access which allows you to constantly test yourself before the big day. All of the papers can be viewed page by page format and this is definitely a great tool for revising at school or college!

What’s the verdict?

Our initial thoughts of this application were “why didn’t we have these tools when we were studying?”. This powerful tool can really advance your skills even further than revision ever before. You have access to thousands of questions previously used in exam papers which could even be used in this years paper. You even have the ability to check for new papers so if you have been using this app for a long time you can get all of the latest papers directly on your tablet.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: Free


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