Published on December 12th, 2013


Enhance your iPhone mail searches with these handy tips!

If you have a never ending email inbox, it can be very difficult to find an email in a search. Luckily we have 4 handy parameters that will allow you to narrow your search and limit the number of results you return.

Spotlight understands sender vs. recipient, dates, and if a message has been read or flagged, so you can use these parameters to get targeted search results. It gives four examples:

Flagged January 2012
Searches for all flagged messages from January 2012, as well as for messages containing these words.

Unread last week
Searches all unread messages from last week where the sender’s e-mail ends with, as well as messages containing these words.

Vip read yesterday
Searches all read messages from contacts marked as VIPs, as well as messages containing these words

to:John Tuesday
Searches all messages sent on Monday to a contact named “John,” or an e-mail address starting with John, as well as messages containing these words.

Each of these tips helped narrow the number of search results, but also the results often included many e-mails because they contained one or more of my search terms. Still, e-mails within the search parameters are listed at the top of the results, with e-mails only containing a word or two of your search terms listed below.


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