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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Luxurious recipes at your fingertips for any and every occasion!  Epicurious is a large database containing thousands of recipes and ingredients which are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Recipes can be searched by category or by typing in a phrase or keyword to find savory or sweet dishes and treats.  With these recipes you can favorite and share them with friends and family to compile your own styles and find others tastes. A shopping list feature is also allows you to store the ingredients that you use for your recipes so you can purchase the exact amount needed with your next food shop.

What’s the verdict?

We were really impressed with this application from the start. The pictures of each recipe is clear and really gives you a feel for what you are about to cook. The app has regular updates and gives it’s users a seasonal choice of meals including easter dishes and christmas dishes. This is great for quick ideas and inspirations and being free there is no reason not to pick this up over your old dusty cookery books.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Price: Free

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