Published on September 3rd, 2012


Eternity Warriors 2 Game Review

Who doesn’t love swinging weapons at hordes of monsters whilst earning lots of money?! Well that’s what this game is all about! Battle through levels filled with demons, earning experience along the way as well as collecting money, weapons and other items. Four different areas make up the game, the first being the Undead Spire, then The Spider Lair, The Shivering Refuge and lastly Hell Fire (just by the name you know it’s going to be good!).

As well as the single player mode you also have multiplayer, where you can connect with other players from around the world in co-op battles.

If you’ve played games such as Dungeon Hunter then the gameplay will be very familiar to you. The graphics and animations are very well done for an iOS game, much more advanced than others with smooth rendering a lot of the time (some slight lagging here and there but you have to expect that for a game with great graphics). The Main menu is nice and creative, not just a standard menu but instead showing your current character in all his glory along with a picturesque view of the land behind and an animated dragon flying around (now that’s a menu!).

The only thing that lets the game down is how you can unlock weapons and armour so fast. As you go through the levels, not only do you find money, but weapons, armour and other various items as well. It takes away the excitement of trying to earn as much money as possible to unlock that awesome weapon you’ve been dying to use. Another thing is that despite hordes of demons swinging their weapons at you, you’re health seems to go down very slowly. At times the game seems a little too easy and something Glu Mobile may have missed out on with the in app purchases not becoming as necessary.

The game itself is lots of fun, plenty of action and a whole bunch of unlock-able items with is always good. The game doesn’t last as long as some other RPGs but it does pack a whole lot of fun so well worth the download!

Available on: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later
Price: FREE!!


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