Published on October 29th, 2012


Golf Swing Analysis and Video Coaching: SwingReader HD

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What does it do?

Already used by hundreds of thousands of PGA/LPGA pros and avid golfers, SwingReader is the app of choice for every keen golfer. As simple as it sounds, this app paints lines over the key areas of your body while taking a golf shot and analyses them using a slow-mo video. You don’t even have to program anything, the app simply captures your posture and body position in relation to the ball and the club and gives you feedback. Organise your swings four different ways to find them easily in ways such as by date, club, golfer or reviews to get the best technique to suite you. Golf Swing Analysis also lets you share your swings with your instructor or your friends. With this professional analysis, you are guaranteed to be swinging like Tiger in no time.

What’s the verdict?

Forget all of your “Four” incidents, you’ll never miss-swing again. For all you keen golfers, this really is a tool which cannot be overlooked. Whether you are amateur or professional, you are guided step by step on how to improve your swing in the easiest way to understand possible. The video playback quality is second to none, with high definition recording from the iPad and amazing slow motion tracking from SwingReader. Organise all of your content, and perform like the pros – don’t miss out on this awesome app!

Available on: iPad

Price: £2.99


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