Published on May 29th, 2013


Google Drive

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Google Drive lets you deal with all of your files in one place. You can create, share and keep all your files with Google Drive. Its extremely simple to use, just drag your files into the folder on your computer, or add them through a mobile device, and you will be able to view them wherever you are, on any device. Online and offline modes mean that you can keep those essential files with you all the time, whether you have internet connection or not. Cloud storage is a smart way to keep your files safe so whatever happens to your devices, if they are broken or stolen, you will still have your files available on Google Drive.

What’s the verdict?

This app is very easy to use, and you can have your files uploading within seconds. You start off with 5GB of storage space and can upgrade to more when you need it. Great for business, the simplicity of Google Drive is it’s best quality: a few simple clicks, and your files are available wherever you want them.

Available on: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Price: Free


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