Published on October 15th, 2012


Grocery List

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Grocery List is and does exactly what it says on the tin. This handy app allows you to make a detailed note of all of your shopping in one place. With advanced food suggestions, the app can automatically find and complete a search for a specific food even before you have typed the full word. The app also lets you input amount so you don’t make a mistake when you are buying in quantity. You are also given a handy colouring tool which lets you prioritise and group products that are of a similar category. The developer allows you to create an account so you can create multiple lists, this is available on their website and allows you to sync your lists with the cloud. You can even send your lists through text message or email, enabling you to download them and store your lists for a later date. Download the app and create an account today for a stress free, paper saving solution to shopping!

What’s the verdict?

The Grocery List app is definitely a worthy investment for any pocket. It saves time and effort when shopping by effectively organising what you need to buy at the supermarket in categories and by clearly stating the amount needed. Are you ill and cannot shop? Share the list with your partner and they too have access to your weekly list. It is incredibly easy to add new foods and the prediction speeds up the process by a huge amount. The site support is excellent, and the account based email and text sending could be a lifesaver if you forgot your device. Put down your pen and paper and download this amazing app today.

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: £1.99

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