Published on October 22nd, 2012


Group Email! with Attachments

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Group Email is and says exactly what it does. It allows you to send a Group Email to different contacts with different filters. These filters include single users, to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to custom distribution lists. To these groups you can attach photos, videos, dcuments, emails, locations information with map and address, audio clips, pasteboard content and contact information. If you send the same text regularly, you can even create a template to save you typing. HTML templates can also be implemented to create attractive email templates. This also has full iCloud support for attachments not stored on the device.

What’s the verdict?

A perfect solution for business email troubles. With Group Email! You can selectively choose which departments to email in your business as well as what attachments you want to send them with the simple attachment tool. The HTML template feature allows advanced email templates meaning you can attach videos and even scripts to perform actions for you. The retina support compliments the beautiful layout well and creates a crisp finish to an app that could have had a really boring layout.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: £2.99


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