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What does it do?

Play your heart out, this is the number one toolkit for guitar players around the world. GuitarToolkit is a collection of essential guitar tools, including an extremely accurate tuner, a precision metronome and a massive library of chords, scales and arpeggios all under one app. This supports a multitude of different instruments such as 6,7 and 12 string guitars, 4,5 and 6 string bass, the banjo, mandolin and the ukulele. Want to know what a chord sounds like? Strum away and be mind blown by the realistic sounds which are reproduced. The built in Tuner runs based on the built in microphone to give you accurate results. Plan your music using the metronome function, which has a tempo pad, 25 sound effects and 22 time signatures. All of the functions link within the app and the chord sheets make playing the guitar a challenge as it records your progress along the way. GuitarToolkit also fully supports left hand playing with its “lefty mode”.

What’s the verdict?

If you are a guitar player or a keen instrumental artist, this app needs to be in your pocket. The features in this application do not compare to all of the other applications currently available on the market, and you could even go as far as saying that they beat the industry standard pieces of equipment. The interface initially looks cluttered, but when you look closer all of the modules to this app link tightly together to create a life like representation of playing and tuning your instruments. You will never have to carry around an old tatty metronome or chord book again, this app does it all for. Pick up your guitar, and play away with this brilliant new application.

Available on: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Price: £1.99


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