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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Gwop is an interactive application aimed at young people in a bid the help them understand how the stock market works. Its aim is to educate younger people by giving them an idea about how they can buy and sell shares and in turn make money or win prizes. The app allows users to trade virtual shares in their favourite celebrities to earn GWOPS (the game’s virtual money) and win prizes. Like a real stock market, traders will have to figure out which celebrities to invest in to earn virtual money and when is the best time to buy and sell shares. Once users have built up their GWOP (virtual money) they can redeem their GWOP for real prizes in the Gwop Shop. The application also has a profile feature in which each trader will need to manage their personal profile – change your picture, username, view your shares and track your progress. The game is socially integrated with Twitter and Facebook allowing you to share the app with your friends and your game stats.

What’s the verdict?

Gwop is a great educational application for kids,┬áteaching┬áthem the ins and outs of the stock market in a fun and interactive way. The izzyj team met the guys from Gwop at Apps World 2012 and we were really impressed with the app’s incentive and plans for the future. Gwop also plans to go into schools to promote the applications and all proceeds from the app will be put back into the community to fund projects for young people. This interactive game uses up to date artists and celebrities to relate to the kids and users can even win real prizes if they trade well! izzyj definitely recommends this app!


Available on: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Price: Free



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