Published on July 4th, 2013


Happy 4th July & Independence Day!

Today is Thursday 4th July which is also known as Independence Day in America. The day signifies the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Great Britain and is celebrated as the National Day of the United States. Usually associated with fireworks, family reunions, baseball and more, Independence Day is a national holiday in America and we have some great apps to help you celebrate today!

Coloring on 4th of July

Features included:
* 10 pre-set colors
* Customizable color palette
* Full range of color shading
* 15 Coloring Pages
* Variable brush size
* Save masterpiece to Photo Library
* Choose one of 5 custom frames for your masterpiece
* Personalize with a note
* Some images have color inside lines enabled.
* Sound effects
* Slider Puzzle.

4th of July Independence Day Puzzles and Games for Kids

4th July Freedom Holiday Puzzles and Games for Kids is a jigsaw puzzle, spot the difference and memory game designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The Independence Day theme highlighted in each activity. Kids earn a sticker for every puzzle they put together and for spotting all the differences in every picture. They can create their own certificate.

Put the Fireworks, Flag, Yankee Doodle and other fun puzzles and earn stickers. Kids can choose to do the 4 piece, 9 piece, 16 piece puzzle or they can be randomly generated.

Memory Game
Solve the memory game with fun pictures of 4th July celebrations and Presidents. Keep track of the time and moves with the score card.

Spot the difference
Spot the difference between sets of two similar pictures and earn stickers.

4th July Wallpapers HD for iPad

Create some amazing wallpapers for your iPad inspired by Independence Day. With amazing graphics, you can create some wonderful pictures to feature on your iPad and show your love for America.

ScrapPad – Stars and Stripes – Patriotic Photo Album 


• Print Store to order professionally printed photo books.
• Easy to use fun interface.
• Professionally designed backgrounds, borders and embellishments at Retina HD quality.
• Use photos from your iPad photo library, camera or iCloud.
• Custom text editor.
• Create unlimited scrapbook albums!
• Create unlimited pages!
• Share albums on Facebook.
• Share your work easily by email.

Photo by: IMLS DCC/Flickr

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