Published on July 11th, 2012


Holiday tips, tricks and downloads

If you are off on your holidays this summer, to escape the endless rainy days in England, then izzyj can help you prepare! To make the most out of your break in the sunshine, you need to know top tricks and tips for the holiday season, as well as the hottest summer downloads to make your holiday one to remember.

In our news section we found a great article from PC World News about the Top 12 Tech Travel Gadgets and here at izzyj HQ, we love the iPad Motomount and 3 useful road trip apps which are perfect for the holiday season. Click here to view more.

The perfect app to keep you entertained by the pool has to be the Kindle iPad/iPhone app! Holding all your holiday reads in one place, the Kindle application allows you to purchase books digitally at a much cheaper price, cost effective and eco friendly! With access to over 1 million books, you will never run out of books to read whilst your away as well as saving space in your suitcase for extra clothes because it is all kept on one device. For more information on the Kindle app, visit our latest apps index.

To avoid any costly phone bills while your away, izzyj can give you a simple tip to make sure there are no surprises when you return. With modern smartphones, they are often connected to the internet at all times to ensure full use of all applications which is great in the UK but abroad your phone still thinks it needs internet connection for its information. This can prove very costly, and often people can run up their bills without even realising! izzyj have made a simple guide on how to turn off your data roaming, which can be used both on iPhone or iPad!




Don’t forget to pack izzyj in your suitcase!



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