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Published on May 29th, 2012


How to change the background on your iPad/iPhone

1. Press the Settings icon on the home screen.

2. In the left hand column, go to ‘Brightness &Wallpaper’.

3. It will then give you two options to either change the brightness or the wallpaper. Press the wallpaper section.

4. You can then choose from the default images, which the iPad provides for you, or pictures you have taken yourself using the iPad camera. Select which you would prefer.

5. It will then display a range of images from that category. Press the image you would like to select as your background image.

6. At the top right of the screen it will give you 3 options:
• Set Lock Screen
• Set Home Screen
• Set both

7. Select the option you would like; you can pick a different image for the lock screen to the home screen if you wish.

8. Once you have selected it will automatically return you to the settings menu. To view your new background, return to the home screen.

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