Published on January 28th, 2013


How to log out of Twitter on an iOS device – do you know the secret?

Our ‘How to log out of Twitter on iPhone/iPad’ video is now at an amazing 14,831 views! You may assume that this simple task is easy to carry out on a mobile device, however this is a little known secret that we couldn’t wait to share.

There is no logout option as such on the Twitter application for iPhone or iPad, instead you have to delete your account under Settings. This will not delete the app or your account completely, it will simply just log you out of the account you are currently in. Here is a simple guide to find out how!

1) Go to settings
2) Select Twitter
3) Select the account you want to log out of
4) Press delete account (this will not delete your account from twitter or delete the twitter app, it will simply log you out of twitter on the iPhone)
5) To log back in simply go back to the Twitter app and log in

Take a look at our infamous video to find out more:

Photo by:  shawncampbell/Flickr

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