Published on July 11th, 2013


How to sync 2 iPhones to 1 computer

If you happen to share your computer with someone else but both wish to share your music etc, you are able to sync 2 iPhones to one computer. A common problem is for someone to plug in their new iPhone to your computer to download some songs you may have purchased and accidentally your voice memos or notes are also transferred to their iPhone embarrassingly! This method will ensure you can maintain your privacy and allow you to sync 2 iPhones to one computer.

1. Connect your iPhone via USB

2. Click on your device name on the left hand menu in iTunes

3. Scroll down to settings and ensure that ‘Automatically sync when iPhone is connected’ is NOT selected. If it is selected, please untick the box.

4. In the same options menu, please enable ‘Manually manage music and videos’ and ensure the box is ticked.

5. Click through all other tabs such as Podcasts, Tv Shows, Books etc to ensure that none of these are synced automatically either.

6. Click apply at the bottom of the screen.

7. If you are already synced to another iTunes library, the computer will prompt you to ‘Erase and Sync’ your existing data in order to upload from the new iTunes library. Please be warned that this will erase your existing songs etc in order for you to replace with songs from your new library.

8. You can now drag a drop songs from your iTunes library to your device name on the left hand menu.

9. When you are finished, click ‘Eject’ and unplug your device.


If you would like to sync 2 phones to one computer but wish to have separate music libraries, you can do this also. Simply create different login areas/users on the computer so that each of you can have separate iTunes accounts, saving many arguments! Another way round this is to use iCloud to automatically sync your iPhone to your computer, iPad and other devices by following these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Select iTunes & App Stores

3. Under ‘Automatic Downloads’, turn the Music and Apps switches ‘On’ and this will sync all your music and apps across devices.


Happy Syncing!

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