Published on September 24th, 2013


How to view your message time stamps on iOS7

Ever wondered why some of your messages have time stamps and some don’t? It does seem to populate this at random which means it is difficult to go back and find out when a message was sent to you, especially half way through the conversation. On iOS 7 there is an easy solution to this and will display all time stamps for you your messages when you need them. Follow this simple step by step guide:

1. Go to messages and select an existing conversation.

2. Press anywhere on the conversation screen and drag your finger to the left.

3. You will see all message time stamps are now revealed whilst your finger is still pressed on the screen. When released these will disappear again but at least you can view all time stamps associated with each message at one time.

This may not be the most exciting feature of iOS 7 but is is extremely handy. We don’t know why its taken so long to get this feature in place – it is a simple fix which goes a long way!

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