Published on August 20th, 2012


Infinity Blade 2 Game Review

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After the incredible first game of the series, Chair Development bring something even more exhilarating to the gaming world. Now that the God King has been Defeated, young Siris must delve deeper in to the world of the Deathless Tyrants and their legion of Titans, to uncover the truth behind the secrets of the Infinity Blade.

With the second instalment in the series, everything seems to have been brought to the next level of iOS gaming. The graphics seem to be the best around at the moment and the eerie music adds to the astounding atmosphere of the game. Feel your heart pound as you venture round the next corner to find your next battle, get yourself in to a frenzy of finger swiping as you slash your enemy to within every inch of their monstrous body. Each fight comes with a great end fight scene, giving that crazy battle the final blow it well deserved.

As in the first game you collect money and items throughout the game, enabling you to purchase new equipment to upgrade your character, Siris. This is a great feature of the game as not only do you need to upgrade to battle bigger and better enemies, the customisation of the character makes the game more exciting.

This game is with out a doubt the next step in iOS gaming, the gameplay is superb, the graphics are the level and the sound throughout the game works perfectly with every step you take in the dark, exhilarating game. Well done Chair Development!

Available on: iPhone & iPad
Price: £1.99 (Limited time only!)


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