Published on October 9th, 2013


iOS 7 hidden gems & handy tricks

Most of you will now have updated your iOS software to iOS 7 which brings a brand new look from Apple as well as some great new features. Here at ILG we have found some amazing hidden gems on iOS 7 that you may not know about but will come in handy!

1. Clock icon

Take a look at the clock app icon, do you notice anything at all? The icon is actually a fully functioning clock with a working second hand!

2. Spirit Level

Open up the Compass app and calibrate. Swipe your finger across the compass to open the new digital spirit level.

3. Swipe down to search.

Ever wondered where your spotlight search has gone? On iOS 6 you used to be able to swipe to the left of the main menu to search but now all you need to do is swipe down anywhere on the homescreen to reveal the search bar at the top.

4. Swipe to close Safari tabs

Simply swipe the tabs to the left to close them – easy! The standard ‘x’ icon is also available but this is a quick solution!

5. Night mode for maps

The maps app on iOS 7 has a new night mode which automatically activates when you are driving in the dark. This provides a dimmer, darker interface as the normal view may be too bright when driving in the dark whereas this interface is less distracting and easier on the eyes.

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