Published on October 12th, 2012


iPad Mini Rumours Revealed!

Here at izzyj we are eagerly waiting an announcement for the launch of the long-awaited iPad mini. Rumours are circulating about the cheaper, smaller alternative to the 10inch iPad and multiple sources have claimed that the launch of the device is imminent. izzyj is here to bring YOU the rumours we have heard on the grapevine to keep you in the loop with the latest Apple news.


1. Wi-Fi only – Speculation as to whether the iPad mini will be Wi-Fi only is rife as industry sources think that Apple will not offer a 3G version of the device in order to keep costs low. The idea of the iPad mini was to produce a more affordable version of the current iPad, making the brand accessible to a wider audience.

2. Lightening Connector – There has been many rumours that Apple are only planning to launch a minor update to the current iPad for the iPad mini which will be to bring the iPhone 5’s Lightening connector to the device.

3. 4G compatible – Although the rumours suggest that Apple will not be releasing a 3G version of the device, reports suggest that the device will be made compatible with the UK’s 4G network which means that this could be a possible development for the future.

4. 7 inches – The device is said to be 7 inches in width, making it 3 inches smaller than the current 10 inch iPad.

5. 17th October – 17th October is said to be the date for Apple to hold an event to unveil the launch date for the device. Rumours are circulating and we have heard that the launch date could be 2nd November 2012 – just in time for Christmas!

If you cannot wait for the launch of the iPad mini, keep you your eyes peeled on izzyj for more information as you will hear it here first! Here at izzyj HQ, we cannot wait for the launch and the iPad mini is a definite on our Christmas list!


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