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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Anybody that currently owns an Apple computer will know exactly what iPhoto already is. This simple image manipulation tool is provided and designed by Apple themselves, and can be used to browse and organise photos. Create albums and share images using the integrated Photo Stream function unique to all Apple devices. Apple also allows you to edit your photos using a variety of tools similar to its Mac counterpart. These tools include saturation, brightness, colour tweaks and sharpen fixtures. Have your images got red eye or blur? Use the Red Eye and Repair tools to straighten out any errors that crop up along the way. Choose between multiple pre-defined effects which give colour adjustments such as vintage effects, warm and cool, ink effects and black and white to the images within an album. Never forget any of your memories with the Journal feature which allows you to put pictures into a collage and title them for safe keeping.

What’s the verdict?

Well Apple have done it again… just when you thought the images you take can’t get any more detailed – iPhoto is thrown at you to provide a whole new blast of colour and vibrance. The image adjustment tools provide the user with a high quality photo which does not pixelate under the stress of multiple tones. This really stood out as many of the other image editing applications available on the marketplace provide a disappointing result whereas iPhoto lives up to the Apple standard and provides an industry quality high definition image output. This app doesn’t just contain your images, it holds them and treasures memories which can be edited and viewed time and time again.

Available on: iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone

Price: £2.99


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