Published on August 8th, 2012


Is school out for summer?

Although there are a couple more weeks left of the school summer holidays, I’m sure parents are already awaiting their children’s first day back at school. After six weeks of providing constant entertainment and amusement for your kids, its time to sit back, relax and listen to izzyj! We are here to help your kids prepare for the new school term, get their brains working and fully warmed up ready for September.

Keynote is a great application for students from a young age, right up to university. It is Apple’s answer to Powerpoint, allowing you to create professional presentations straight from your device (iPhone/iPad). Keynote is portable and mobile, so even if you’re running late, you can whip up a quick presentation on the move! It will stand your children in good stead for their prospective careers and allow them to become the entrepreneurs of the future. Check out our video tutorials, giving you an insight into the Keynote app!


After discovering Keynote, your kids will not be able to wait to return to school in September and share this with all their friends! They are sure to be top of the class!


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