Published on June 25th, 2012


izzyj Youtube channel hits 1000+ views!

On leaving the office on Friday the izzyj Youtube Channel had 967 Youtube views, and the office was buzzing to reach our 1000 views target! Here at izzyj is happy to announce that over the weekend we managed to hit our target and now have a whopping 1,030 views in just 4 weeks!

We are delighted our video tutorials have proved a success, as we have tried to keep them short, sharp and simple for your viewing. Keep your eyes peeled as we are going to be creating lots more videos shortly with a brand new look! Sometimes with Apple devices, some of the most basic tasks can sometime seem more complicated than needs be, but here at izzyj we believe that no task should be left unexplained.

From the simplest of tasks such as turning on your iPhone to the more advanced such as using hand gestures to navigate around your iPad, izzyj has a wide variety of guides, to help you progress from Apple beginner to an Apple guru!





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