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What does it do?

Keynote is the mobile device answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Allowing users to create professional presentations on the move, it is perfect for those who have a long commute or simply are constantly on the move. Complete with animated charts and transitions, this application allows you to present straight from your device whether it be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, leaving your bulky laptop behind. Keynote is also accessible through iCloud, allowing the user to present on a different device to where the presentation was created as well as keeping your presentation up to date across all your iOS devices. Extremely well-suited for business presentations, this application can make last minute presentations look professional and well-planned.

What’s the verdict?

Keynote is extremely easy to use, it includes a range of presentation templates and transitions. It is also very accessible with iCloud use, the ability to print wirelessly as well as export presentations into PDF. If you are constantly on the go, this app is for you as you can create presentations as you go, and come back to them when you like. You can also add any photos and videos to bring your presentation to life!

Available on: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Price: £6.99




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