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How does it look?

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What does it do?

The Kindle gives users access to over 1 million books, magazines and newspapers from around the world. ┬áPurchase your books at a cut of the cost as they are all digitally downloaded straight to your device. Your books can now be stored all in one place! When reading a book, you also have an instant dictionary word lookup, which means if there is a word you don’t understand you can instantly find its meaning. Simply tap the screen to turn the pages of your book. You can search within the books for certain characters, sections or topics as well as go directly to your last read page.

Whats the verdict?

The Kindle app saves you lugging around all your books, you can simply carry them all on your own device. The dictionary function allows you to enjoy your reading without confusion. All in all, Kindle has everything you need to enjoy a good book! The search function lets you find exactly what you need right there and then.

Available on: iPad

Price: Free




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