Published on October 15th, 2012


Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

How does it look?

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What does it do?

Little Writer is an app focused on kids learning and development. Similar to the drawing methods in schools, Little Writer allows kids to trace what is shown on the screen. There are lots of tracing features in this app including ABC’s, 123’s, Shapes and Words. You also have the option to add custom words and shapes which will greatly enhance your child’s learning. The tracing is colourful and friendly, and has small animations which are catered towards children. You can also record your voice to link with words which you have added which will help around the home. The app is pre-loaded with dozens of three and four letter words already making it ready to use and has pre-defined shapes for your child to draw as this requires the same skills as handwriting. This is every parents development tool for their toddler and creates a fun learning environment.

What’s the verdict?

This app is a clever concept and is praised by parents worldwide. The format of learning is simplistic and does not require any technical knowledge. Being able to add your own words and pictures was particularly interesting since you can record your own voice with words that you add yourself. This is definitely the app of choice for teaching your child the basics of the alphabet and it is almost guaranteed that they will be writing and speaking fluently in no time.

Available on: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Price: Free


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